Welcome Weekend Captains

Kevin Schneier

Hello knights!  My name is Kevin "Prospie Kev" Schneier, and I am a junior Electrical Engineering major from St. Louis, MO.  I am fond of eating eggs in groups of six, arriving to Keenan events with a speaker playing "Shooting Stars" by Bag Raiders, and signing up for every Interhall and Co-Rec sport I can to pad my IMLeagues stats.  In my spare time, I enjoy listening to the same song on repeat for hours and not noticing when it starts to annoy my roommates.  Oftentimes, I can be found eating cereal at all hours of the day, which I find perfectly acceptable.  My hobbies include: wearing jackets, cheering for football teams that no longer exist, and hanging out with some of our awesome hall staff.  If you're ever looking to play basketball, throw a football or baseball on North Quad, or get schooled in racquetball, head down to the 1 West Super Six; my door is always open and I'm always down.  I couldn't be more excited to meet you and get to know you all this year; welcome to Keenan Hall!

Juan Esteban Baus

Suh dudes! First of all, congrats on your admittance to ND and welcome to the best hall on campus! My name is Juan Esteban Baus and I'm originally from Ecuador but was born in The Netherlands and lived in McLean, VA (which is approximately 15 minutes outside of DC but like 2 hours with traffic) most of my life. I'm majoring in Science-Business and plan on going pre-Med with that. I'm involved with student government and worked with the ad hoc policy department last year and will be working with the student life department this year. I love soccer and hope those of you that do too like Real Madrid because Barcelona fans belong in Zahm. I love music and if any of you like U2 as much as I do, you're officially my favorite freshman. I'm also a Student Athletic Trainer in the Sports Medicine program so if you have any questions about that, Science-Business, Keenan, ND, or anything else at all please feel free to stop by the 2 West Super 6 (you'll learn what that means soon enough) anytime, my door's always open! And if it's not, do knock and we can still talk. Can't wait to meet you guys!

Welcome Weekend Ambassadors

Josh Solarz

Hello Knights and welcome to Keenan Hall! My name is Josh Solarz and I am from Roselle, Illinois (NW suburb of Chicago). I am in the College of Science majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. I was a highly-recruited cornerback for Keenan Hall’s 2West section football team last year (Rivals: 4 stars), tallying 3 interceptions in the championship game. I enjoy playing most sports, Moreau Hoops, taking trips to the Grotto, going to Notre Dame sporting events, Moreau Hoops, CoMo’s study lounge, and Sunday night Keenan mass. My spirit animal is a koala. Koalas are great. I have an emoji dedicated to myself, known as the ‘Josh face’ (as seen in my picture). I’ll be living in the 1 West Super Six this year so feel free to stop by to hang out or ask any questions! Look forward to having an awesome Freshman Year at Notre Dame!

Kevin Maus

Yo guys! I'm Kevin Maus, and I'm a sophomore Civil Engineering major hailing from Fontana, Wisconsin. I'll be living in 3W for the second year in a row (kinda gives you an idea of how great of a section we are) with some other cool kids, so you'll definitely want to stop on by and say hey. I'm involved with the American Society of Civil Engineers on campus, and my free time mostly involves me watching sports while simultaneously annoying my friends with my dad jokes and ukulele playing. Welcome to the best dorm on campus!

Chris Metzger

First off congrats on your acceptance into Notre Dame and being placed in the best dorm on campus Keenan Hall. I’m Christopher Metzger and I am from Zionsville, IN but I will be residing in the forced 6 of 4N this year. I’m a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My passion is all things cars. I drive my pride and joy, a 2014 Subaru WRX hatchback. If you share this passion to any extent, I love to talk about it so stop on by. A huge part of my life is tennis. A member of the interhall tennis team, I am always down to play so hit me up! I am the Secretary for the Orthodox Christian Fellowship on campus and a member of the Club Sailing team, you gotta regatta bro! I am a self-proclaimed nerd and love Star Wars and Star Trek. I am always down to watch either. If I am not studying, the life of an engineer, I am hanging out with friends, my door is always open. I love to longboard and go on adventures in South Bend. Food is life, so I take food very seriously and love eating delicious food. I am super excited to meet all of you and am looking forward to welcoming you to the greatest community and dorm on Campus. Get hyped!

Kevin Sohr

Congratulations on being placed in the best men’s residence hall at Notre Dame.  My name is Kevin Sohr, and I am a junior majoring in Business Analytics and Finance #boyswhocode. I am from Yonkers New York and attended the prestigious Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx.  At Notre dame I stay busy in a variety of ways.  I spend a lot of my free time looking at memes on Instagram.  I serve as the president of the club lacrosse team.  If you ever want to have a catch on North Quad or learn more about club or interhall lax do not hesitate to reach out.  This year I will be a proud member of 2WW in the super six with a really cool group of guys.  Stop by at any time.

John Villaflor

John Villaflor is a moderately evolved mammal from the sad state of Ohio, where the official state motto is "at least we're not Indiana."  Last year, John's natural habitat was 1Nip, where he could be found with his 7 roommates.  Majoring in computer science, one day John hopes to become addicted to energy drinks, never shower, and develop an extreme lack of interpersonal skills.  On the weekends, he often enjoys playing paintball with little to no neck protection.  John's biggest accomplishments include not visiting the weight room once freshman year, letting DeShone Kizer cheat off of him in high school PreCalc, and reading the whole Harry Potter series in 4 days.  John's door in the 3 West Super Six will always be open!

Written by Matthew Bulgarelli.

Geoff Allman

What’s up boys, my name is Geoff Allman and I’m a rising sophomore from Cleveland, OH.  I’m Finance major with minors in Public Policy and Theology, and I attended the prestigious Saint Ignatius High School.  I’m a big hockey player and golfer, and I play both sports at the club level – although, like every other club athlete at Notre Dame, could’ve gone D1 “if I really wanted to.”  I’m an avid Cleveland sports fan, and spent some time growing up in Toronto, so I’m a huge Maple Leafs fan.  If you agree that LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time and think Steph Curry is soft, we’ll be great friends.  Every fiber of my being aspires to be like Lloyd Blankfein, so if I’m not around Keenan, I’m probably at the BIC (Mendoza’s library) working out my latest DCF model.  I keep approximately 313 copies of my resume with me at all times because networking never sleeps.  I’ll be living in 2-west with five other guys, and our door is always open unless I’m on the phone with an investment banker.  In all seriousness, everyone at Keenan is thrilled to welcome you guys into our community.  Welcome to your next four years, and congratulations on being assigned to the best dorm on campus.

Felix Rabito

What’s up y’all?! My name is Felix Rabito and I am a rising sophomore from New Orleans, Louisiana. If you want to get anything out of this bio, just remember to follow @felixrabito on Spotify. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a sick recording artist with over 100,000 plays on my debut album. If I am not busy writing music, I am most likely playing it. I tend to dabble in the guitar, ukulele, piano, trumpet, and drums just to name a few. If you are interested in lessons, I am willing to host a one hour session in exchange for a milkshake of my choice from Smashburger. Also if you are living in 2 West next year, I apologize in advance for the obnoxious amount of paparazzi that will be crowding the hallways. You know what they say, “Life is tough when you’re being a SAVAGE”. In all seriousness, I would like to sincerely welcome you to the greatest dorm community on campus. The experience of being a Keenan Knight is like none other and we are excited to have you with us. I promise not all Notre Dame guys are as good looking and talented as me, so be yourself and let’s make this a great first year!

P.S. I can also be found on Apple Music and SoundCloud if that suits your fancy.

Written by Daniel Richardson

Jacob Kalathoor
Hail fellow Knights! Welcome to the greatest brotherhood on campus: Keenan Hall! My name is Jacob Kalathoor and I’m a sophomore bio major from Palm Beach, Florida. I’m very excited to be a part of Welcome Weekend; it’s something I’ve wanted to do since my own freshman experience. I enjoy long walks on the beach, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. I’m used to 75-degree sunny weather year-round, so if I can handle the South Bend winter weather, don’t worry, so can you! Thinks I’m passionate about: anything to do with Keenan Hall, the Miami Heat, the Miami Dolphins, stripping (for the Revue), dank memes, and biology. I love playing basketball even though my skill level means I should probably be calling it shootyhoops. Outside of the dorm, I can be found living in Galvin doing research on zebrafish, sitting on the quad anytime the sun decides to show up, wearing vertical stripes in an attempt to make myself look taller, and eating food at the superior dining establishment on campus: North Dining Hall. I’ll be living in the 4 North Nip so please feel free to come by and hang out because I get lonely sometimes.

Grayson Maker

Howdy y’all! My name is Grayson “3 point shot over Timmy Hsueh” Maker. Congratulations on your acceptance to Notre Dame and being placed in the best hall on campus. I am a rising sophomore marketing major from Newcastle, Oklahoma. I enjoy hunting, NASCAR, and noodling catfish back home. During my free time, I can be found pretending to play sports or practicing math on my flash cards with my partner in crime Kate (yeah my girlfriend bought me flashcards for my birthday I’m pretty tight).  If you struggle with remembering names, I am the Gap Kids model lookalike that can often be seen sporting the same color clothes head to toe. I played the pivotal role of little Tommy Groden in the Keenan Revue: State of the Revuenion (check it out) I will be living in the 4west forced quad with fellow Welcome Weekend ambassadors Brett Katalinic, Will Detrempe, and Timmy Hsueh, so be sure to come say hi. If you ever want to be serenaded with some Frank Ocean on the ukulele, lose at Mario Super Strikers, or just need some life advice, please come stop by room 446. I look forward to meeting each of you and I hope that your freshman year is fantastic!

Written by Brett Katalinic

Daniel Richardson

Howdy! My name is Daniel Richardson and I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Cedar Rapids is a thriving metropolis to which I attribute my raw sex appeal, my aroma of crunch berries, and my exceptional proficiency in pumpkin patches. I went to Xavier High School. Let me repeat myself I went to XAVIER HIGH SCHOOL. If you still don’t remember, don’t worry! You can be reminded when you see me catching hella gainz in the weight room, wearing xavier gear for all the sports I play! SPORTS. PLURAL. I admit, I am a pretty big deal! However, don’t be intimidated by my charming 1/13 cherokee good looks, and my popularity amongst all the ladies! I am so excited to be here getting to know you guys! If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to talk to me! I am always here to talk about college adjustment, how great Iowa is, or about how to talk to all the ladies at Domer Fest!!! Don’t hesitate to stop by 2 west forced six for some good home baked goods and friendship!

See you soon!!!

Hugs and kisses,


(Written by Felix Rabito)

John McCarthy

Hello future Knights, it is I, Sir John Thomas McCarthy IV. I hail from the land of evergreens and mountains, Spokane, Washington.  I, a rising sophomore Keenan Knight, acquit myself in the pursuit of knowledge through a degree in Biology, however I am still considering a Pre-Med track. I will be living in and protecting (my duty as Royalty) the 4N section. If you must know about me, I love to nap. I mean I sleep all the time, like constantly. If you cannot find me I am probably at mass, which I attend almost daily. I bring honor to our great University by competing on the Club Ski team. I also adore cheese, so if you share this passion, please come and find me. Although Royalty, I have no taste in music nor food. In fact, I would be perfectly content eating cereal for every meal. Additionally I must sculpt the royal body and thus work out very often, trying to maintain my previous form as a gymnast to no avail. Anyways, I look forward to meeting all of you and welcoming you to the best dorm on campus, Keenan Hall!

(Written by Christopher Metzger)

Will Detrempe

Welcome to Notre Dame and to Keenan Hall. My name is Will “Will” Detrempe and I am a rising sophomore Business and PLS double major. (*disclaimer* PLS does not stand for pumpkin spice latte; adjust plans accordingly) I am from the exotic town of Granger, Indiana. Making the decision to go college so far from home was tough, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make, so I loaded up the car with all of my things and made the 10 minute drive. Now, you may be thinking “Isn’t Granger basically South Bend?” but Granger has a Super Target. Super. Target. You can often spot me playing club golf (ask me about it), wearing my ONE ballcap, or shopping at Super Target. In Granger. Where I live. Where there is a Super Target. I am the second most notable resident of Granger, behind Lucy, my dog. Unfortunately this year I will not be living in the dorm, but you will often find me visiting my dog in room 446 with her roommates Grayson, Brett, and Timmy. When I’m not fueling up on my near exclusive diet of peanut butter and uncrustables, you can find me in the Keenan gym doing only curls. Definitely swing by if you ever want to talk about Super Target (or anything in the area, I’m an expert), if you ever want an almost guaranteed win in Super Mario Strikers over me, or if you ever just want to hangout.

Written by: Grayson Maker

Bretholomeu Katalinic

Hiya! My name is Bretholomeu “Bretthew” Katalinic. I am from the south suburbs of Chicago, and I am a Business Analytics major. I do not realize that hats have the capability to block sunlight, so I also wear my sunglasses outdoors, like in this picture. You guys will be able to recognize me by my endless array of golf polos and quarter zips, which I wear when I go golfing. I have the face of a twelve year old, but do not be fooled - I have the eating habits of an eight year old. I am also on the club golf team at Notre Dame, so definitely let me know if you have any interest. If you ever want to take a trip to Pizza Hut at any hour of the day, I’m your guy. If you need any advice on how to talk to girls, I’m not your guy. My defining moment freshman year was tripping over myself on a breakaway layup during interhall basketball tryouts. Surprisingly, I did not make any of our 3 (three!!!) teams. Luckily, I did make the club golf team, since I golf. You’ll notice my face can get really red and I will say it’s windburned, but really that is my natural physical reaction from female interaction. My mom openly calls me the least intelligent of her children, but hey, here I am. This year I will be living in 4 West, Room 446. If you ever want to hang out, watch Survivor, or talk about golf, swing on by. Because I golf.

(Written by Timmy Hsueh)

Timmy Hsueh

Sup brotatos. I’m Timmy Hsueh (Pronounced “Tim-mee”, most people say they don’t know how to say my name) and I’m allergic to peanuts. So like, I can’t eat peanuts. But don’t let that deceive you, I’m still a cool guy. I hail from the motherland out in New Jersey, I’m currently enrolled in Menbroza, and I have my sights set on making it to the League one day. I love all things sports, especially basketball and golf, and have only ever been beaten in one-on-one by my roommate Grayson, the King himself. When I’m not on the court, you can find me enjoying long walks across the quad to NDH, cuddling up by the fire with my dog, Brett, or eating Reeces cups. I’ll be up in the 4th floor quad next year with Grayson, Will, and Brett (yes the dog). I’m pretty nervous because they’re like really really cool, and I’m allergic to peanuts. So like, I can’t eat peanuts. Anyway, feel free to swing by room 446 to see my epipen in action or to get dunked on. By Grayson, not me. So pumped to meet you guys in August! Can’t wait to have some new Knights in the castle.

Written by Will DeTrempe

Eddie Faicco

FELLAS! Welcome to Keenan Hall and congratulations on having your applications accidentally placed in the “accepted” pile! My name is Eddie Faicco and I am a sophomore architecture major from Brooklyn, NY. In my free time, you can find me studying the American-English Dictionary, brushing my timbs with a toothbrush, worshipping the Wu-Tang Clan, or executing hits for the Gambino Crime Family. Other than that, you can find me in the 2WW six-man (Room 246) or the basement of Bond Hall (where I dispose most of the bodies and occasionally draw some of the world’s most magnificent edifices). Deadass tho, feel free to stop by my room at any time and catch a whooping in Madden, sip a double espresso, or ask me about how much love I have for my high school (grimace emoji)! I can’t wait to meet all of you and I guarantee that you have just made the best decision of your life, B! Go Italians, Beat Irish. #ProtectYaNeck