Hall Staff

Keenan Hall, much like other dorms on campus, is led by a rector. Assisting him is one assistant rector (AR) who reside on the third floor. Each floor in Keenan has two sections: north and west. Each section has one resident assistant (RA). ARs are typically post-grads while RAs are seniors.

Meet the Staff

Jimmy Tull, Rector of Keenan Hall

Jimmy is a Cincinnati native who graduated from Notre Dame with a Master’s Degree in Theology after earning is undergraduate degree at Brown University. Jimmy has worked in Catholic education for the 9 years, teaching high school history and religion classes as well as coaching wrestling, track and field, football and lacrosse at two high schools in New England. Along with coaching and teaching, Jimmy was also very involved with Campus Ministry at St. Sebastian's, where he has been for the past 5 years.

Royce Branning,

RA (1 North)

Greetings incoming Knights. My name is Royce Thomas Branning the XII, but most people call me "seven". I'm originally from Menlo Park, CA, which is about 45-minutes south of San Francisco and home to lots of the companies that make the apps on your phone. Not surprisingly, I’m a Computer Science major. Here at Notre Dame I’ve enjoyed being an active member of the Campus Ministry group Iron-Sharpens-Iron, a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate Systems Programming course, co-captain of Keenan's A1 basketball team and President of the Notre Dame Founders Club. I think favorites are a good intro so here are mine. Favorite movies: Good Will Hunting and Remember the Titans. Favorite Food: Tacos. Favorite Band: Needtobreathe. Favorite Color: I'm partially colorblind (so red and green are tied). Favorite pastime: playing guitar. Favorite past time: 10pm last week. Favorite Soup: Pumpkin. Favorite book: The Great Divorce. I’ve been super blessed to be a part of the Keenan community during my time here at Notre Dame and I’m stoked for you to get to join. It’s an awesome place to live and grow during your four years here. Look forward to seeing you on campus! Also, nobody calls me seven, but I’ve been looking for a nickname these past couple years so with your help, who knows?

Joaquin Camara,

RA (1 West)

Welcome to Keenan Hall! I'm Joaquin Camara, and I'm really excited to be an RA this year. I was born in the Philippines and grew up in the lovely little suburb of Chicago called Hinsdale. I'm studying finance and actuarial science and have been involved in the dorm through Welcome Weekend, interhall sports, the Keenan Revue, and eating copious amounts of Zaland pizza. On campus I am very involved in the Filipino club, the actuarial science club, and the Bengal bouts boxing club! But enough about me. Keenan is looking forward to welcoming YOU into the community. Starting college is an exciting and nerve-racking time, but rest assured that Keenan Hall is a phenomenal home and community of brothers where you will build lifelong friends and an incredible college experience. I can't wait to meet all of you!

Cooper Munhall,

RA (2 North)

Welcome to Keenan! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. In seriousness, my name is Cooper Munhall and I will be the RA for the 2 North section this upcoming year. I'm a double major in Anthropology and Pre-Health, though I always like to say "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man". I have three brothers, one who is a Graduate Student here and two younger brothers. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and yes, warm state residents, you can handle the winter. I like playing and watching sports, especially basketball and volleyball, and have played on and will be the captain for those Interhall teams for Keenan in the upcoming year. I am super interested in film and television and am always down to put just about any show or movie on if you swing by my room and want to hang out (also please give me movie/show recommendations whenever possible). Outside of Keenan, I am involved with tutoring both on campus and in the South Bend community as well as the club volleyball team. Overall, I have loved every minute of my time in Keenan and am excited to welcome all of our new members into the community and get to know the incoming Knights!

Wilson Barrett,

RA (2 West)

Welcome to Keenan! My name is Wilson Barrett and I’m excited to be the 2 West RA this year. I’m a South Bend native and an Economics and English double major. For the last two years, I’ve been a Head Writer for the Keenan Revue, our signature dorm event (which you can watch here, here, here, or here). I served as the Hall Senator during my sophomore year, and have played interhall volleyball and basketball for our Keenan teams. I’m a big fan of actual Cleveland sports teams (I don’t count the Browns), and learned arithmetic by adding the jersey numbers of Notre Dame football players in the early 2000s. Stop by my room anytime you’re trying to get rocked in a game of Bananagrams or play some Sporcle. Looking forward to dominating section sports this year - roll 2 West!

Ryan Smick,

RA (3 North)

Welcome to Keenan Hall, the best dorm on campus! My name is Ryan Smick (don’t get me confused with that school across the street), and I will be one of the Resident Assistants helping you in your transition to Notre Dame this year. I am a Computer Science major from Cleveland, Ohio. Over the past three years I’ve been very involved in Keenan with activities like Welcome Weekend Ambassador, Apparel Commissioner, Dance Commissioner, and several positions with the infamous Keenan Revue. I’m very passionate about the Keenan community, which is why I choose to give back as much as possible, and I plan to make that passion apparent to you first hand throughout my tenure as an RA.

In addition to Keenan, I have two other large passions: computer science, and baseball.

I’ve been involved with the computer science community at Notre Dame by serving as a TA and Computer Club officer, and I also love working on projects of my own outside of class. With respect to baseball, I’m a big Cleveland Indians fan (Go Tribe!) and just a big fan of the game in general. If the Tribe ends up making it to the World Series again you’ll probably see me wearing my gear for a month straight and watching intently at each and every pitch. Also, if you ever want to play catch, just drop by my room and I will literally drop everything and join you.

Enough about me though. Congrats on making it to Notre Dame and being placed in Keenan Hall. Keenan is such a strong community here at Notre Dame. It had such a huge impact on me during my first year here, and I know you’re all going to love it too. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Will Boeschenstein,

RA (3 West)

Welcome to Keenan! My name is Will (Pronounced: Will) Boeschenstein (Pronounced: Bō-shin-steen) and I am excited to serve as an RA this year. I am a Mechanical Engineering major with concentrations in thermal and fluid sciences, controls systems, and computational engineering. I knew early on that I would never try the pre-med route because I can’t handle needles or blood very well… it is my one true weakness. I grew up in East Grand Rapids, which is a suburb of Grand Rapids (G-Rap), Michigan that is East of the city (surprise). I was born in Indiana, so I’ve always considered myself a Hoosier at heart. Around Keenan, I am known for my die-hard passion for section sports (especially football. DEAR 3 WEST: WE WILL WIN THE BOAR’S HEAD), having massive dogs who are better than yours, a 2017 Keenan Revue skit with a title I will not include here, eating too much, and giving endless knuckle touches. During my college years, I have had the privilege of doing research here at Notre Dame’s nuclear lab (and am certified to work a nuclear accelerator), singing poorly for Notre Dame’s Celebration Choir, being my roommate’s confirmation sponsor, assistant coaching an 8th grade hockey team, and having a couple great engineering internships working with conveyor belts and then components of aircraft. I am very picky about the shows and books I will watch and read (no Gossip Girl in my room plz) and the complete opposite about the music I listen to. This university has given me so much, and I am so excited to be in the position to give back as RA by showing you how great these years can be.

Travis Gayle,

RA (4 North)

Travis Gayle is going to be a fourth year computer science major at ND. He is Gates Millennium Scholar, Footlocker/ scholarship recipient, Anbryce Scholar, and a Horatio Alger Annexstad Scholar. Travis was born and raised in Queens, New York where he attended Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School. Travis has been involved in many clubs and initiatives. He is now the president of the Wabruda brotherhood and an RA in Keenan Hall.

His three passions are people, technology, and sports. In summer of 2017, he worked in San Diego as a Product Management intern for an enterprise software company--Intuit. One of his goals in life is to make positive change in the communities around him. No matter what platform it is, whether RA, President, PM intern, he plans to make that goal a reality.

Stephen Spittler,

RA (4 West)

Welcome Incoming Knights! My name is Stephen Spittler and I am so thrilled to be on your Keenan Hall Staff this year. I am currently studying Chemical Engineering, and I’m probably the only person you’ll meet that actually enjoys it. I was born and raised in Wheaton, IL, which is about 30 minutes west of Chicago. In Keenan Hall, I serve as the Liturgical Music Kommissioner, which just means I pick music for mass and run the choir for our Sunday evening masses. Outside of Keenan Hall, I am member of the Notre Dame Folk Choir, which is a mass choir that sings in the Basilica every weekend. I am also the Treasurer of the Notre Dame Swim Club. Here are some rapid fire facts: I love sushi; My favorite color is purple; I am currently working on a group project as I’m writing this; My golden retriever is named Auggie; The best concert I ever went to was Fall Out Boy and Paramore; I love jetskiing and other thrilling activities; Memes are important to me. I can’t wait to get to know you guys!